About Us

LOUIS XVI is a manufacturer and distributor of wristwatches based in Switzerland. The first watch was created in the year 2010, so we are a rather new enterprise. We can make use of the spirit and the know-how of a young entrepreneurial generation and concentrate exactly on what is important to us: offer the best design, at the best price, in the highest quality and with the best service.

This is our wish and what we desire.

The designs of the watches are developed by renowned designers in Zurich, Switzerland. Aside from the design our quality expectations also lie in the selection and workmanship of the materials and last but not least in our service as well. We continue to win over new retailers and constantly expand our distribution network around the entire globe. At the moment we produce in Switzerland as well as internationally. In the near future, LOUIS XVI will exclusively offer Swiss Made watches in order to rightly go with the trademark protection “Swiss Made”, as well as to satisfy the traditional Swiss quality expectations of the “Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property”. This is how we work on new models, exceptional material mixes and own technologies. Step by step we approach our goal. By all means, increase your expectations a little bit higher. In the videos below you can see a small foretaste. Your Louis XVI Team